Cell phone pictures, put the mouse over for a description.

I saw this on a magazine cover in Kyoto. In case you don't beliebve what you're reading I'll confirm that it does indeed say "For beautiful rape man life." It's good to know someone grabbed the rape man's market share, and is trying to bring some degree of beauty to it!This is on the side of Obama ambulances. All it needs is a question mark.Robbie drunk,wearing ellisa's hat while waiting for his chance to rock the karoke mike.Christine rocking the karoke mike.The culture festival stage from my vantage point(ie theplace I could sleep without being noticed).Ben and Robbie rocking the Karoke mike.A crazy festival near Kyoto.More of the crazy festival whose crazyness might be lost in a smallcell picture.What's left of the crazy festival. This fire was so hot it cleared the mass crowd back about 10 metres.Senegal fans at the World Cup game I went to in Osaka.A rat in an Osaka gutter.Turkey fans at the World Cup game I went to in Osaka."Been farmin' long", this poster is in my aunt and uncle's kitchen; I found thispicture in Osaka.A duck I found in Maizru; one of my students was excited to find the same fellow.A fish in a big tank in Maizuru.An add campaign in Japan, smoking clean. They want you to put butts in the garbage when there finished. But can you actually smoke clean?Turkey fans at the World Cup game I went to in Osaka.The soccer stadium in Osaka.Lanterns floating near the hypocenter in Hiroshima.Me with a ballon hat a mishonary made for me at the Awa Odori festival in Tokushima.The soccer stadium in Osaka.Arrows with hears in them. Killing people with love.This half tori (shrine gate) was left standing after the bomb blast in Hiroshima.Lanterns floating near the hypocenter in Hiroshima.The famous floating tori in Miyajima, near Hiroshima.The soccer stadium in Osaka.Nebuta festival in Aomori.Ben's rabbit.A store called Madea, like Simon's mom.lanterns floating near the hypocenter in Hiroshima.Nebuta festival in Aomori.This is an 7th grade class from  Natasho (they are now in grade 8).This is one of the 9th grade classes that graduated last year.A picture of the sea from the top of a mountain look-out.Ben,an ALT from the States, playing Banjo (beer forground).The other grade nine class that graduated last year.Deer in Nara.Another deer in Nara.A drawing on my desk at Reinan Nishi.A dog lookingout as us from thepassenger side window.O-mizu okuri, a festival in Obama.Ben,John (Marie's brother) Marie and LiamHong Kong from victoria peak.John, Marie's brother.Flying a kite with no wind, one of my studen's requests for her last class with me.An old shrine.Me and Margret.Mariko, my Tuesday night student.A no beer sign posted where we had been drinking the night before.Me with long hair.A crazy shoppingmall in Hong Kong.The paper hanging at a shrine, there are at almost all shrines.The sunset near Ben's hous, trying takelandscapepictures with a cell phone.A shrine's statue at a musuem in Nara.Instructions on how to use a toilet.Crazy English on a vending machine, but it's too small to read here.A samurai's helmet and mask.Can'tyou imagine this banner in an ancient samurai battle?Samurai's armour.A cool path leading thru a bamboo grove (very famous).This is what Japanese students do for a fire dril.This may look like a seat from the space shuttle,but it's a usual toillet. On the side is the handy dandy computer consol.It controls the magic that washes your bum!This is a samurai's hat (underneath).Can you believe that they allow students up in the ladder trucks, it looked so cool.Samurai's armour.These are symbols of different families. I don't think they're all samurai because of the inverted swastica, which means temple here.Gun hunting prohibited area, Kyoto prefecture.